Lock - Frome Link

It will be necessary to link the head of Whitminster Lock and the River Frome. In doing so, it will be necessary to retain the integrity of the flood bank.

At present, the flood bank follows the south side of the river closely but it will need to be moved so that the new channel can be located between it and the river. The flood bank will effectively cross the lock at the guiliotine gate to link it with the existing flood bank near the lock and will merge with the existing river bank just east of the point where the new channel joins the river. A more recent design undertaken by BW suggests the use of ordinary mitred gates at Whitminster Lock as the emergency gates at Saul could be used to isolate the G&S Canal from any spillage in the Frome.

A design for the link channel has been produced by Mike Hughes (engineering consultant) having been commissioned by the Cotswold Canals Trust a number of years ago for approval by the EA. It is believed that most of the permissions for this work are in place but this should be checked.

Route of Whitminster Lock - River Frome  

The route  of the new channel passes from the head of the lock to the river which crosses the view beyond the electricity pole. The pole will be just to the right of the new channel.

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