Whitminster Lock

Plans are well developed for the restoration of Whitminster Lock and its reconnection with the River Frome. Restoration work has started on the lock with the brickwork having been repaired and the top gates installed. The funding is in place for the now guillotine gate needed for the tail of the lock which will allow the river to be lowered so that it no longer feeds the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal in response to a pollution incident on the M5 or A38. The remaining work involves raising the small farm accommodation bridge at the tail of the lock, installing the guillotine gate, the installation of connecting flood banks and the reconnection to the river.

The farm bridge at the tail of Whitminster Lock

Whitminster Lock with new top gates

The existing flood bank of the River Frome can be see beyond the top gates. This will only be breached to make the connection when new flood banks have been built on the right of the new channel to interface with the guillotine gate to form continuous protection.