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Picture Set 1 - Framilode to Saul Junction

Framilode depth gauge - Stroudwater Canal

The top of the depth gauge formerly located at Framilode Lock to measure the depth of the River Severn has survived.


This length of canal seen from the location of Framilode swing bridge was effectively bypassed when the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal opened in 1827. However, it continued to provide an important link to the Bullo Pill Dock which was a major outlet on the opposite side of the River Severn for Forest of Dean Coal. It is thought to have last been used in about 1936.
Stroudwater Canal - Framilode


Looking towards the site of Framilode Swing Bridge. This length of canal is owned by the local parish council.

The Ship Inn - Framilode

The Ship Inn is no longer accessible by boat but the one on the pub sign gives an indication of what the Severn Trows that would have passed regularly looked like.

None of these craft have survived on the water although the sunken remains of them can be found at various locations.

The only one in good condition is a replica of the trow Spry.
Pink weed on the  Stroudwater Canal at Framilode

In the background can be seen the low fixed bridge carrying the road to Saul village.

This strange phenomena has been seen at various locations in winter and is caused by a pink floating invasive non-native weed species called azolla.

  Saul Junction

Saul Junction

Junction Lock was built to connect the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal with the earlier Stroudwater link with the Severn at Framilode.

The lock gates are of a design found on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The Canal & River trust have replaced these gates with new ones since this picture was taken.

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