Occupation Bridge

Key Dimensions

Existing Structure:
Width at water
Width of track

3m over 5m width
Depth (to silt)


Background Information

Occupation bridge is an original arched bridge over the Stroudwater Canal (opened in 1779).

It was restored by contractors working for the Cotswold Canals Trust in 1995 and is in good condition apart from occasional growth of vegetation on the structure. There was some evidence of structural movement prior to restoration.

The underwater walls were not restored as the canal here is in water. It is probable that these would require repointing and possibly re-bricking in places due to the loss of mortar over the years.

Measurements suggest that a headroom of 3m over a width of 5m is available. This is consistent with the understanding that the
canal provided 10 ft of headroom when build.

Moorings at Walk Bridge Occupation Bridge

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