Map 2  Stroudwater Navigation:                                   Lockham - Westfield Lock
In this section, there are a very large number of potential alternative routes, for a review of  some of these go to ROUTE OPTIONS .

Multimap Arial Photograph

Map 2 Stroudwater Navigation Latham to Westfield Lock Lockham Farm Bridge (see Map 1 Saul  - Lockham )
Stroudwater Canal route flood bank interface issue

Dredging (canal route)

Stonepitts Bridge (canal route)

MOD Oil Pipleline (canal and river routes)

Occupation Bridge (canal route)

Fromebridge Mill (river route)
Bristol Road Wharf (canal route)
A38 (canal route and shared M5 bridge route)
A38 (river route)

Major services crossings (canal and river routes)


M5 (canal route)
M5 (river route)
M5 shared bridge route
New Lock (canal route)
New Lock & Weir (river route)

Westfield Bridge

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