Stroudwater Navigation Boating Section 2 Guide

The Stroudwater Canal is managed by SVCC and navigation information is available on their web pages HERE. Please remember that the offside canal bank (the one opposite the towpath) is usually private property. The section between Saul Junction and the Ocean at Stonehouse is being fully restored as part of the Phase 1B project and navigation, even by small craft, may not be allowed.

Section 1 - Lockham to Whitminster Wharf (A38)

Section 2a - Meadow Mill to Pike Lock                                  (currently not available even for portable raft)

Section 2b - Pike Lock - Ocean Railway Crossing       (All Craft but locks may be unavailable and subject to Phase 1B stoppages)
Section 2c - Ocean - Ryeford Double Lock
                         (All Craft - part of the restored Phase 1A length)

Section 3 - Ebley to Wallbridge, Stroud

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