Stroudwater Navigation Ebley to Wallbridge

Section 1 - Lockham to Whitminster Wharf (A38)

2c Ocean - Ryeford Double Lock

The Stroudwater Canal is managed by SVCC and navigation information is available on their web pages HERE. Please remember that the offside canal bank (the one opposite the towpath) is usually private property. 

The canal has been restored throughout this length but this section was the subject of a major flood relief scheme shortly after the canal was closed and is now classed as "main river" by the Environment Agency. Therefore, significant flows can be encountered after wet weather and care is needed and a single set of flood gates at Ebely Mill may prevent navigation under such conditions. There may also be problems of silting and restricted width. A programme to widen and deepen the canal is under way using volunteers.

East of Ebley Mill, at Fromebridge Gardens,  the canal has been converted into a flood relief channel and water passing down the canal is discharged into the River Frome. 

hilly orchard length A little upstream of Ebley, an area is reached where there has been major redevelopment on both sides of the canal. 
dudbridge The canal continues eastwards towards Dudbridge where a new bridge carries the A419 dual carriage way over the canal with full navigation 

Dudbridge Crane An hand operated crane still survives on what was the old Dudbridge wharf.
Dudbridge Upper Lock dam Immediately beyond the bridge is Dudbridge Lower Lock .

The two locks at Dudbridge , both restored now, are bypassed by a very large flood relief overflow channel. and a hydro scheme which generates power to supply the grid using the surplus water. A display visible from the road bridge shows the instantaneous and cumulative power outputs.

The canal carries the flows from Slad Brook and the Painswick Stream which is joined by Ruscombe Brook between the two Dudbridge locks,

In times of flood, the flows down the canal can be considerable and most winters see at least some periods of high flows making navigation unwise.
chestnut lane bridge The canal presses on towards Stroud and the next road crossing is at Chestnut Lane where a new electrically operated swing bridge has been installed. Most small craft should be able to pass underneath but particular care is needed in times of higher flow.
Lodgemoor Bridge Lodgemoor Bridge swing bridge has been replaced by an iconic single balance arm lift bridge and is unusual in that it is also a skew bridge. It is the last bridge over the Stroudwater Canal  before its terminus is reached at Wallbridge.

As Stroud is approached, the Painswick Stream enters on the north bank. This used to be navigable for a short distance at one time. 
wallbridge hq The Thames & Severn Canal leaves the Stroudwater Canal at Wallbridge on the north bank. The Stroudwater Navigation used to terminate in a basin just beyond this point but it has been filled in and is now occupied by various businesses. The original red brick warehouse still stands on the north side as does the former headquarters building of the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation just beyond it - this is best viewed from either the T&S Canal towpath or the main road.

The T&S Canal between Stroud and Hope Mill just west of Brimscombe has been restored as the  latter part of Phase 1A restoration programme. Further dredging and improvements are still taking place. The section from Brimscombe to Chalford is mainly still owned by Gloucestershire County Council who took over the operation of the T&S Canal over a century ago. Some lengths are still in water but sometimes reeded over.

Section 2 - Meadow Mill to Ryeford Double Lock          Thames & Severn Canal Description and Pictures

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