Pike Bridge Project

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The Cotswold Canals Trust's web site covering all aspects of the Trust's work and activities. 


This site contains information about the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation, the oldest surviving canal company in the world. It also provides navigational information about the canal as it is today. There are also pictures and other information about both the Stroudwater and T&S Canals.

This is the Cotswold Canals Partnership web page containing a great del of information about the Cotswold canals restoration.

Stroud District Council have supported the restoration of the Cotswold Canals for many years and have led the Phase 1A restoration programme after British Waterways pulled out of the project in 2008. SDC willingly helped the Trust with a financial contribution to the Pike Bridge Project.


Gloucestershire County Council have a dual role in the Pike Bridge project as highway authority and as a funding partner. Without their backing, the project would not have got off the ground.


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